Val Barschaw on Service: The Certainty Factor

If you want to provide a higher level of service to your clients it is crucial that you provide them with more certainty.   And, at times, you add value because you help them avoid the pain of uncertainty.    Think about this… you’re at the doctor’s office, but they can’t diagnose what’s wrong!  For a while you actually freeze up and aren’t able to think, to talk, or even listen.  The doctor says something and you’re hearing Charlie Brown’s parents, “ Wah, wah, wah.”

If you’ve been there, you know that you are overwhelmed by the fear of the uncertainty; right?  How much are you willing to pay to get an answer?  Most anything!   The decision is not based on the money, but rather on the value of being able to provide the one thing that is needed most; the certainty.

Before I let you in on some deliverable solutions, here are the six most powerful human needs:  Certainty, Variety, Connection, Improvement, Significance & Contribution.

If you are analyzing this – and I truly hope you are, you might say –“hey Val, if our client needs certainty but also needs variety – isn’t variety uncertainty?”  Yes, absolutely!   That is the “balance” factor.

I imagine you’ve seen cases where each year the client gets the same form to fill out, the same questions (they still don’t know how to answer), and see the same tax return and bill at the end.  They are so-o-o-o certain it will never be better, that they are bored to death – not their death, yours.  It filled one need, and yes a significant one, but the relationship was void of the other needs.  Have you seen the stats – 33% of all clients are looking for a new accountant?  Is that shocking to you?

Solution  – provide a service to your clients that will meet more needs – ideally all six!  Here is how Audit My Books fulfills them ALL:

Certainty – Peace of mind by identifying suspect financial transactions, and proactively reducing business risk.

Variety – the AP Analyzer provides a 17 point feedback system.

Connection – Use the FREE Check-up to start a discussion.

Improvement – Provide client with a control mechanism for errors/fraud.

Significance – Continuously monitor QuickBooks for possible problems and schedule on a consistent basis, such as monthly or quarterly (which appeals to certainty also).

Contribution –  Use your professional expertise to determine cause, seriousness,  and next steps – the client feels their sense of contribution when they take action to implement.

Allow me to sum up (in my bottom-line way of thinking) why a high level of value service is important.  The one who is closest to the client wins.  It is as simple as this:   AuditMyBooks will bring you closer.

I hope I’ve given you a couple ideas to inspire you today.  If so, I ask you to please contact me.  Val Barschaw at  The QuickBooks training that is branded with your name and information, and hyper-linked back to you for clear communications.

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